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Registered Tax Consultants

Tax Planning

Tax Planning is a set of plans to improve the efficiency of tax management by identifying the best alternatives for legal tax saving in line with your company’s business planning and policies. The service also includes setting up of alternative transaction schemes and accounting methods. The goals are to minimize the tax burden and maximize your company’s growth.

Tax Review

Tax Review is a service for reviewing your company’s tax compliance, identifying your company’s potential tax exposures and providing recommendations for how to minimize the tax exposures. Our review service will cover all of your company’s activities that have impacts on your company’s tax obligations. This includes evaluation of data and information feasibility presented on Tax Returns as well as the likely issues and exposures that your company may have. This service also covers reviews of tax compliance for pre-IPO, merger, liquidation, etc.      

Tax Audit Assistance

Tax Audit Assistance is a service for assisting and representing your company in case a tax audit is performed by the tax authorities. This is to prevent your company from receiving tax assessment notice with inappropriate amount of tax due and/ or severe fines, due to mistakes in submitting tax returns and/ or a failure in showing proper and complete accounting process and the supporting documents.

Tax Advisory

This is an ongoing consultation and advisory service on taxation matters encountered by your company for a certain period. The service can be conducted through mail, facsimile, email, teleconference, or direct meetings with our consultant team. This is to provide your company with the best solutions for the tax problem encountered. 

Tax Return Preparation

This service covers the activities of preparing and filing Annual Tax Returns (SPT Tahunan) and/or Periodic Tax Returns (SPT Masa) in accordance with the Taxation Regulations.

Tax Dispute Resolution

This service is to assist your company in tax dispute resolution such as objection against a tax assessment notice, appeal against a tax objection decision, and a tax judicial review application to the Supreme Court. This service is aimed to ensure the tax dispute to be fairly settled.

Tax Administration

This is a service for assisting your company in handling tax administration effectively and efficiently. This service covers, among others, registration and revocation of Taxpayer ID Number (NPWP) and/or VAT-registered Person Number (NPPKP), application for overbooking to the Tax Authority, application for bookkeeping in a foreign language and currency, application for centralization of VAT administration, and application for a tax clearance.

Standard Operational Procedure Designing

Using this service, we shall review your company’s current tax management for further developing or enhancing the standard operating procedure. The designed SOP is expected to give your company guidance for carrying out all tax related activities to comply with the tax regulations.

Customized Tax Training

We provide tax trainings for your company’s staff to improve their knowledge and skills in taxation. The topics of our training shall be arranged based on the exact needs to ensure that it will reach the expected goal of your company.

International Taxation

This is to assist your company in dealing with global business transactions which involves cross-border tax rules. We will analyze your complex international tax issues in order to minimize the tax burden and to meet the tax compliance requirements in Indonesia as well in other jurisdiction in cooperation with our global affiliated firm. This service covers but not limited to: Transfer Pricing Documentation, Tax Planning for Cross-Border Transaction, Transfer Pricing Review, Transfer Pricing Audit, and Transfer Pricing Dispute Resolution.